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Patient Info

Dr. Khan’s Northstar Pain Program helps patients increase their functionality and quality of life while reducing their pain and the medications they take through a four tiered program. You will start off with a consultation with Dr. Khan where she will start diagnosing and treating your pain immediately. This may include ordering more diagnostic tests such as blood work, x-rays, MRI/CT Scans, EMG/NCS. EMG testing can be done by Dr. Khan in her office.

All other tests will be ordered at the facility of your choice. She will then determine the next appropriate steps for your treatment which may include therapy, acupuncture, osteopathic manipulation, psychotherapy, interventional procedures/injections, medications. A concrete multi-disciplinary plan will be established between you and Dr. Khan to ensure all of your physical, psychological and social needs to help improve your symptoms are addressed. 

Grand Rapids Office

Interventional Pain Procedures

Dr. Khan performing pain injections

- Cervical Facet Steroid Injections

- Thoracic Facet Steroid Injections

- Costovertebral and Costotransverse Joint Injection

- Intercostal Nerve Blocks

- Lumbar Facet Steroid Injections

- Lumbar Transforaminal Epidural Steroid Injections

- Lumbar Interlaminar Epidural Steroid Injections

- Lumbar Medial Branch Nerve Blocks

- Caudal Epidural Steroid Injections

- Sacroiliac Joint Block Injections

- Peripheral Joint Injections (Elbows, Shoulders, Hips, Knees)

- Carpal Tunnel/Tarsal Tunnel Injections

- Occipital Nerve Blocks

- Trigger Point Injections

- Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

Caledonia Office

Conditions Treated





Degenerative Disc Disease/Disc Herniations

Facet Joint Arthritis

Spinal Stenosis

Sacral Joint Disorders

Piriformis Syndrome


Carpal/Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Peripheral Joint Injuries and Pain

Muscle Strains/Tears


Tendon Tears

and Strain

Peripheral Neuropathies

Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome/RSD

Post-Covid Fatigue and Arthropathy


Areas of Expertise

Electromyography/Nerve Conduction Studies

What is an EMG/NCS? 

There are two portions to this test: The EMG and the NCS. 


An electromyogram (EMG) is a test that records the activity of a muscle through the insertion of a small needle below the surface of the skin. The needle picks up the electrical activity of the muscle and records the current as a trace on the EMG machine. 


A Nerve Conductions Study (NCS) is a test that records the activity of the nerves by sending small currents of electricity through a stimulating probe which is then recorded as traces on the EMG machine. Small sticky electrodes will be placed on your skin to record the activity of the nerves. 


These two studies combined help us diagnose abnormalities in both muscle and nerve activity. It helps us determine if there is weakness or injuries of the muscles or nerves and what may be causing your symptoms. EMG/NCS help us diagnose many diseases and conditions including ALS, Mysathenia Gravis, Peripheral neuropathies, Myotonic dystrophies, Radiculopathies, Pheripheral Nerve Injuries. 


How Should You Prepare?

Prior to your test, ensure your skin is clean. We will use alcohol wipes on your skin where the electrodes are placed to help with adhesion. Do not use lotions or oils on the skin as this will decrease the ability of the electrodes to stick to your skin and will change your results. Wear loose clothing. If you are doing an EMG on your arms, wear or bring a T-shirt. If you are doing an  EMG on your legs, wear or bring shorts. 

Dr. Khan's EMG/NCS machine

Medical Acupuncture

Dr. Khan's Acupuncture Training

Dr. Khan completed the rigorous ACCME accredited Medical Acupuncture Course at Helms Medical Institute at Berkley, California. This course covers 300 hours of formal acupuncture training required to become Board Certified in Medical Acupuncture. It is also recognized as one of the top acupuncture courses in the country for physicians. 


How is Acupuncture Used?

Dr. Khan uses acupuncture as an adjunct to physical therapy, interventional procedures and medication management in pain control. She also uses acupuncture to help with weight loss which is a key component of improving a person’s ability to function and improving their quality of life. 

What to Expect...

Your session will start off with a consultation to determine if acupuncture is right for you and if other treatments would also benefit your health. A treatment will be provided at the first consultation. Subsequent visits if you are seeing Dr. Khan just for acupuncture will be treated as follow-up appointments to the initial consultation. 


Why Choose Dr. Khan, a Physician, for Your Acupuncture Treatments?

At each visit, she will assess whether or not you need additional medical care for your symptoms and guide you through the appropriate course of treatment. She will also order additional labs and/or imaging if needed for your particular condition. 

Acupuncture for Back Pain

What to Bring to Your Appointment

We Strive to make you feel as comfortable as possible at your appointment!

For Acupuncture/EMG visits, feel free to bring your own pillow and/or blanket from home!

Grand Rapids Clinic Room
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