Direct Specialty Care

Giving Health Care Back to the Patients...

Why Choose Direct Specialty Care?

Direct Pay Care gives patients an alternative to managing their healthcare at the expense and desires of their insurance companies. If you elect to use direct pay care, the time used traditionally for lengthy documentation and handling billing or denials from insurance companies is transferred directly to one-on-one time with the physician. The choices made for types, numbers and timing of care/procedures no longer becomes an issue because of the type of insurance you carry but instead your health is simply governed by your own symptoms and needs. 

Dr. Khan performing EMG/NCS exam

Dr. Khan believes everyone should have the right to quality healthcare and should be able to decide what makes sense for their own unique circumstances. Although Dr. Khan is accepting various insurance plans, direct pay pricing simply gives patients an alternative for their own care.  Please feel free to call us to discuss our pricing plans below. We can offer bundle pricing packages on our visits/procedures depending on your circumstances and needs

Please call for direct pay pricing, same day/prompt pay discounts and hardship discounts.